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The Benton Central Music Department is fortunate to have outstanding facilities at our disposal for rehearsal and performance.The Jr./Sr. High School houses nearly 25,000 square feet of music department space, including separate Band & Choir areas, an 840 seat Auditorium, an outdoor asphalt marching practice field, and over 3,000 square feet of equipment storage space.These facilities are used by more than 1/3 of Benton Central students on a daily basis. We are grateful to the Benton Community School Corporation and Benton Central Athletics for their support of our programs!

Band Area
The current Band facility at Benton Central officially opened on January 4th, 2018. Before this, the Band was relegated to an area of the school that was originally intended as a backstage/workshop area behind the Auditorium stage. The "new" Band Area was added on to the west side of the existing school in response to program growth and serious acoustic concerns in the previous facility. The main rehearsal room is 2,800 square feet, featuring a sound system equipped with Bluetooth & recording capabilities mated to a fully interactive TV smart board. The remaining square footage features 7 Practice Rooms of varying sizes, Guard Storage, Restrooms, a Percussion Room, Foyer, Instrument Storage, Music Library, Uniform Room, Kitchenette, and Band Office. 
Pictured: Main Rehearsal room, a Large Ensemble Practice Room, Foyer/Entryway, Music Library, Marching Practice Field & Drill Tower, Instrument Storage Area


The Benton Central Auditorium was part of the original campus, completed in fall of 1968. It provides the Music Department, Dramatic Arts, and many other groups with acoustically and educationally appropriate facilities for performances, convocations, recitals, and other uses. This space underwent a major renovation in 2005 which replaced all 840 seats, and then again in 2018. The most recent renovation saw a complete resurfacing of the stage floor, a brand new sound system, a new lighting system including retrofitting or replacing all existing lights with state of the art LED lighting, the conversion of the former Band Room into a backstage/workshop area used by the drama department, and other cosmetic upgrades. It also features a Greenroom, Box Office, "Crow's Nest", and two backstage Dressing Rooms.
Pictured: Auditorium seating area, Box office with entrances to the Lobby and Fine Arts Area, Auditorium Lobby Artwork

Choir Room
Benton Central is fortunate to have separate facilities for both music disciplines, which is somewhat of a rarity at small schools. The Choir Room was renovated in 2005, and features a full audio/video setup with recording capabilities. The close proximity of this area to the Auditorium makes it an ideal location to house the Choral Department.

Mallory Field
Mallory Field is home to the Bison Football and Track & Field teams. It is named for longtime BC Athletic Director Herschell "Hook" Mallory, Jr. The field is also used for Physical Education classes, and occasional Marching Band rehearsals.

Arena Gymnasium
At the time of the building's completion, this was the only gym at Benton Central. The unique arena design provides the school with a "dome" that is clearly visible from the outside. It also allows for a relatively large seating area, with a capacity of 3,800 people. After the addition of the Atha Gymnasium to the building in 1991, the Arena Gym hosts all High School Basketball Games, Volleyball Games, the Fall Band Concert, and a variety of other community events.