I.                   PURPOSES

The purposes of the Benton Central Band Booster Organization are:

A.     To support the instrumental music program in the Benton Community School Corporation. This includes Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High Bands, Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band, and other officially sanctioned ensembles, and Color Guard programs.

B.     To provide supplementary financial support to the instrumental music program.

C.     To provide supplementary communication between students, parents, school administrators, and the community.

D.     To give positive encouragement to students and Band Staff.

E.      To volunteer personal assistance.


II.                 MEMBERSHIP

A.     Any parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the Elementary, Junior, or Senior High band class in Benton Community Schools, or any other interested person, may be a member of the organization.

B.     The Band Director, the Principal of the High School, and the Superintendent of the School Corporation shall be faculty members of the organization.

C.     Membership in the organization confers the right to vote.


III.              MEETINGS

A.     Meetings of the Benton Central Band Boosters shall be held once a month with the date to be determined by the Executive Committee. Notice of the meeting dates and times should be given to Band Booster Members for the coming year after elections of new officers have been completed.

B.     The Benton Central Band Boosters’ president or the Band Director may call special meetings of the Band Booster organization or for special sessions of the Executive Committee as needed.



A.     The Executive Committee shall be the organizing and management body of this organization and is responsible for coordinating the organization’s affairs, and establishing, preparing, and presenting the proposed budget at a regularly scheduled meeting.

B.     The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Member-at-Large, Band Director, and/or Junior – Senior High School Principal.

C.     The Executive Committee shall be called on when it is impossible or impractical to call a meeting of the full membership.

V.                 OFFICERS

The Benton Central Band Boosters Organization shall have the power to elect its officers, enact, execute, and enforce its government and shall have the authority with the cooperation of the Band Director to help finance band activities. Officers must be members in good standing and be a parent or legal guardian of a band or guard member.

 A.     The elected officers of the Benton Central Band Boosters shall be:

1.      President

2.      Vice-President

3.      Secretary

4.      Treasurer

5.      Member at Large

 B.     The duties of the elected officers of the Benton Central Band Boosters are:

1.      President

a.      The President shall be the presiding officer to conduct all meetings and keep order.

b.      The President shall have a casting vote on all occasions when the organization is equally divided, provided he or she has not already voted.

c.      The President shall establish all committees and appoint committee chairpersons for said committees.

d.      The President may call special meetings when necessary and when he or she deems it for the good of the organization.

2.      Vice-President

a.      The Vice-President shall assist the President.

b.      In case of the absence or resignation of the President, the Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President.

3.      Secretary

a.      The Secretary shall keep the organization’s records, the minutes of all meetings, and attend to the organization’s correspondence.

b.      The Secretary, at the expiration of said office, shall surrender to his/her successor all books, papers, and records belonging to the organization.

c.      The Secretary shall afford every facility in the auditing of the Band Booster Organization accounts.

d.      The Secretary shall keep an accurate attendance record of the active membership.

4.      Treasurer

a.      The Treasurer shall have custody of all the funds of the organization.

b.      The Treasurer shall keep accurate accounts of all money received by the organization.

c.      The Treasurer shall be responsible for filing all appropriate tax returns.

d.      The Treasurer shall read the accounts regularly at each monthly meeting.

e.      At the expiration of the Treasurer’s term of office, he or she shall surrender to his or her successor, all books, papers, records, and money belonging to the organization.

f.       The Treasurer shall afford every facility in the auditing of the accounts.

g.      The Treasurer shall adhere to payment procedures covered under Article XIV.

h.      The Treasurer shall collect deposits, fees, and reimbursements from students/parents in the different programs as directed by the Executive Committee.

5.      Member-at-Large

a.      A Member-at-Large shall be elected to the Executive Committee to provide an impartial voice from the general membership, and has no official duties in the organization.

 C.     Restrictions on Holding Office

1.      No Officer may hold more than one office at a time.

2.      No member shall hold office if a spouse or someone living in the same household currently holds an office within the organization.



A.     To hold an office in the Benton Central Band Boosters, the nominee shall be a member in good standing.

B.     A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President and consist of at least three organization members.

C.     Additional nominations for officers may be made from the floor.

D.     The names of the slate of officers and/pr additional nominees for the next program year must be read at the regular Band Booster meeting one month prior to the end of the current program year.

E.      Voting for the slate of officers and/or additional nominees shall take place at the final regular Band Booster meeting of the program year and shall be by secret ballot. Only those members present at the meeting may cast votes. Proxy voting is not permitted.

F.      In the event of a tie, secret balloting will be repeated as many times as necessary until a single candidate obtains a majority vote. All candidates will remain on the ballot for each repeat vote unless there is a withdrawal.

G.     All new officers shall assume their duties at the close of the final regular Band Booster meeting of the program year.

H.     Notification of resignation shall be by a letter of resignation to the Executive Committee.

I.       Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term by a special election during a regularly scheduled meeting except for the President, whose position will be filled by the Vice-President. The Executive Committee shall nominate a qualified candidate to fill the vacancy. Nominations will be open from the floor. Voting will be by secret ballot under the rules of this Section, after which the newly elected officer will immediately assume office and serve for the remainder of the term.

J.       The minimum number of officers required for the Band Booster Organization to function is three (3), of which the President and Treasurer will make two (2) of the three (3).



Any officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a regularly scheduled meeting provided that advanced notice of intent to remove has been communicated to the membership at least five days in advance.



A.     It shall be the duty of the incoming Executive Committee to insure someone independent of the outgoing Executive Committee, including spouses, audits the Treasurer’s books within two (2) months of the prior fiscal year.

B.     It shall be the duty of the independent auditor to audit the Treasurer’s books and report thereon by the third (3rd) month following the prior fiscal year. A written report is to be made available to the organization.

C.     The submitted audit shall be presented to the Secretary to be included in the minutes of the meeting at which it was read.



A.     The Budget Committee shall be comprised of the previous year’s officers and the newly elected officers of the new year. The Budget Committee should meet early in the year to set up the proposed budget for that year and to present the new budget at a regularly scheduled meeting.

B.     The fiscal year for the Boosters shall start on June 1 of each year and end on May 31.


X.                 AMENDMENTS

A.     An amendment to the bylaws of the Benton Central Band Boosters Organization may be proposed at any regularly scheduled meeting of the organization.

B.     Requirements:

1.      Any proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing and read at a regularly scheduled meeting of the organization.

2.      The amendment shall be read at the second subsequent meeting.

3.      Such amendment may be adopted into the Bylaws of the organization at the second meeting by a two-third majority vote of the active members present.


XI.               ORDER OF BUSINESS

A.     Welcome and opening of the meeting.

B.     Reading and approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.

C.     Report of the officers.

1.      Band Director

2.      Treasurer

3.      Committee Reports

D.     Approval of expenditures

E.      Unfinished business

F.      New business

G.     Election of officers (Last meeting of program year)

H.     Adjournment of meeting.


XII.            BYLAWS

A.     All new officers and members shall read the Bylaws of the Benton Central Band Boosters Organization.

B.     If at any organizational meeting during the year a dispute or controversy that the Bylaws of the organization cover should occur, said Bylaws must be followed unless amended according to Section X.



One of the primary purposes of the Benton Central Band Boosters Organization is to provide supplementary financial support to the band program. To that end, it is necessary to conduct fundraising activities.

A.     Fundraising activities must comply with the laws of the State of Indiana, the rules of the Benton Community School Corporation, and such other rules as may be adopted by the membership.

B.     In no case shall fundraising activities cause the Benton Central Band Boosters Organization to be in danger of losing its nonprofit status.



A.     Acceptable areas of expenditures:

1.      Awards

2.      Food for contests

3.      Transportation costs

4.      Dry cleaning of uniforms

5.      Uniforms

6.      Equipment repairs

7.      Specialized music instruction

8.      Contest entry fees

9.      Supplies

10.  Any other expenses deemed appropriate for the organization.


B.     Expenditure Limits

1.      Expenditures of up to $100 may be made if approved by the President or Treasurer or Band Director and President or Treasurer.

2.      Expenditures of $100.01 to $600.00 must have approval of at least two of the following: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

3.      Expenditures of $600.01 to $3000.00 must have the approval of a majority of the Executive Committee.

4.      Expenditures of over $3000.00 must be approved by at least a majority vote of the Executive Committee and two-thirds majority vote of the active members of a regularly scheduled Band Boosters meeting.

5.      Expenditures of over $3000.00 must have the signatures of both the Treasurer and the President on the check.

6.      Expenditures of rollover money (money collected for a specific reason) may be made at any time.



At the discretion of the Band Director and the Executive Committee, expenditures may be made in special circumstances to assist band members.



In the event this organization should at any time cease to function or should be dissolved, any money on hand shall be turned over to the Benton Community School Corporation for use by the Benton Central Band Department.